Interrogation and interdiction fascinate me.  In case you’re not familiar with the term, interdiction (in military terms) is defined as “the act of delaying, disrupting, or destroying enemy forces or supplies en route to the battle area.”  So, in turn, drug interdiction is the act of finding drugs and eradicating the supply lines.  It’s a never ending, exhausting battle fought day and night against those who poison our futures with meth, pills and other illegal substances.  Interdiction folks are just pretty amazing all around. It’s a different view, aside from the patrol that I’ve had the blessing to experience so often.

I’ve had a rough-ish week.  There is so much stress behind my LEO and I, while trying to handle the KSP pressure and attempting to sort out exactly what we’re going to do for an entire month with no paycheck on his end. I’ve seen God’s hand at work, in that I feel I’m finally being shown the light at the end of a few tunnels.  A few flickers of light in the distance to where I hope to be, and some amazing goals with PWoK.  When my LEO is finally situated, I can start pursuing my own LE career.  What I’ve realized this past week, however, is that doesn’t mean I can’t start getting my foot in a door and spending time doing what I feel is what I’m being called to do. I don’t have to sit and wait somewhere idly. You don’t just appear at any destination. There’s a journey in between.  So, now, I’m on a hunt for what THAT means.  I applied for a citation officer position, and am looking at several other options.

Also, I met with some fabulous local ladies regarding upcoming fundraisers for Police Wives of Kentucky.  It is so wonderful to have help and support in planning these missions.  Prayers are absolutely needed.

That’s all for now.

Praying you, too, are seeing answers as you pray for them and finding faith when you don’t.





In May of 2013, Officer Jason Ellis of the Bardstown Police Department was ambushed and killed. His department has suffered so much loss in a brother and an outstanding officer. As a police family, this struck very close to our hearts. The case still hasn’t been solved, and there is a lot of hurt remaining.

Bardstown is now hoping to establish their own honor guard, and I truly believe they deserve it beyond measure.

I received word today that they are VERY close (around $1,000 short, currently) to attaining this goal. I asked Chief Rick McCubbin where donations could be sent, and he said to his attention at this address:

Chief Rick McCubbin
12 Plaza Dr
Bardstown, KY 40004

We continue praying for justice for Officer Ellis.

I’ve got a secret…no, I’m not pregnant!

I’ve gotten really used to saying that the past 2 days.

I really can’t tell you yet.

Our whole lives could be changing soon, for the better.

Prayers appreciated.

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