And, so it begins.

I’ve seen him board the bus for Iraq. I’ve seen him leave for DOCJT.  I’ve stared at cold dinners, and waited for hours after his shift was supposed to end for a phone call.  I’ve rescheduled holidays, birthdays and anniversaries.  I don’t know the definition of a real vacation.  I managed to be without him after my c-section, and have a newborn while he was on midnights.  I’ve answered “Where’s daddy?” on many occasions, and I’ve become quite patient with the “I’m sorry I couldn’t make it” texts. 

Oh, Lois Lane. Girl, I feel you.  If anyone can empathize with the relief of hearing boots on the floor, the jingle of his keys while your head is on your pillow (although, I guess the Man of Steel didn’t need car keys. House keys perhaps?), the welcome smell of a day’s uniform (no matter how gross) or the antagonizing “what ifs” that haunt your thoughts every minute- it’s a police wife. If anyone knows what it’s like to wait for Superman- I do. 

And now, he’s off again.  22 weeks I’ll wait while he endures some of the most physical, mind testing challenges with which he’s ever dealt. I am so proud of his successes as an officer, and look forward to cutting out more articles, printing news releases and collecting artifacts from his days ahead.  

Today, he’s a cadet with Class 92 of the Kentucky State Police. He has not yet earned the right to say he’s a Trooper, but I’ve seen God’s hand holding this process and have all faith in His plan.   

I told Little Man that daddy was going to school.  It’s great timing, since he begins kindergarten on the 19th.  Everyone starts school together, and will be able to share many firsts with one another.  Little Man has always been so wonderful when it comes to adjusting to whatever flow we’re on that week. I pray this is a characteristic he maintains throughout his life. 

Prayers are appreciated for the days ahead. 


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