It’s Friday, Friday…

Ok, actually it’s Sunday… but I  think you’ll understand why this was a little late.

We packed up to go to Illinois to spend time with family Friday due to my hubby’s grandmother’s passing. Before we could leave, he had to change my oil which resulted in him being stung by a wasp. Apparently, as we subsequently learned, he is very allergic to wasp stings. So, we flew to the ER as he grabbed his chest and began losing the ability to breathe. We were met by 2 wonderful members of our LE family at the ER door. After some meds, a breathing treatment and a sweet visit from another member of our LE family, we were on our way.

Or not.

My car started sputtering and then wouldn’t start at all. My uncle came to help us. The officer who came to visit didn’t leave, retrieved jacks and brought water while my uncle and (a still drugged) hubs tried to fix the problem to no avail.

The officer called a wrecker for us, and my car was towed. The verdict looked to be a very expensive and laborious fuel pump.

I got in the wrecker and the poor guy sincerely felt bad for us. For some reason, I felt the need to tell him the entire story of just…everything.  He listened and happened to know someone who might be a huge help maybe get my husband the job he’s wanting so badly. How crazy that of all the people who could have picked me up- it was this guy???  It was ridiculously random and, yet, maybe not at all random.

Here’s why I was praising God that night:

I got paid. I have an uncle that can fix my car and dropped everything to be there ASAP, and an aunt who helped with the towing. We weren’t far from home when it happened. My car didn’t break down until AFTER we got to the hospital and maybe saved the hubs from a much worse experience (he’s ok!). We have LE family that cared enough to be with us immediately, and stick around until it was over. I have friends who dropped by to check on us. We are loved. It wasn’t a wreck. The wrecker driver knows someone to help him with THE job he wants!!! I got to eat McDonald’s and break my month long soda fast. I camped out at mama’s and little man wasn’t with us because he was with her.

Saturday morning I got a phone call saying my car was FIXED. We thought they were going to have to do some major work, and it turned out to be a simple push of the fuel…something…inertia..something or other button. Google it, and put it on your “things to try when my car decides to nope” list.  We made it to Illinois just fine, got to see some family and now…

…we’re gearing up for Kindergarten.

I can’t even talk about that right now.  Just…no.  It’s noon and the boys want breakfast-y things.  





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