Some of you know that prevention of police suicides is a huge part of PWoK’s passion. One of our long term goals has been to network and connect with those who can put forth a suicide prevention program for our officers, statewide, and bring light to the stigmas facing these heroes.

I woke up with this on my heart this morning, and found the title of our sermon at church today to be “My Brother’s Keeper.” Whoa, right?? I told my husband on our way home how much it has been weighing on me. Even more than usual.

If you’re an officer who needs help, LET US KNOW. PM us at We have resources. **There is hope**, you are NOT alone and we want to get you connected. PM the page if you’re someone with whom we can partner, or if you want to share the story of an officer who you love.

I found this AMAZING documentary about while continuing my research, and wanted to share it with you. Please share it with others. I don’t care if you share this post, or just the link. Sit down and watch this.

You ARE your brother’s keeper. It’s time for this to change.

Blue: A Documentary

Blue is a documentary that demonstrates how the Philadelphia Police Department has made strides in addressing the stigmas often associated with officer mental health and suicide in the policing profession and prioritized the wellbeing of its officers. It illustrates how the department is approaching these sensitive topics head on by creating an environment and support structure that proactively helps officers and encourages them to openly address any problems they might be having with on or off-the-job stressors.

Watch here:


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