The Vanilla Trap- Jon Acuff

AH! I love Jon Acuff’s blog entries. Most of them. Not all of them appeal to me, specifically, and that’s okay. I used to really struggle with the general majority’s approval. Not that I depended on it but, with enough resistance, I’d absolutely let people dictate to me that something I believed in was “bad” or that my feelings were illegitimate.

Luckily, I got over that a couple of years ago, and I thank God I did. I’d have missed some huge blessings by bowing with the wind. What I had to realize is that no one knows my thoughts, hearts, experiences or ideas (other than Jesus). Not my husband, not my peers, not anyone.  I’m now capable of saying, “I respect your opinion, and I’m glad you shared it with me” (and truthfully mean it) even if I completely disagree with what they’re saying, because I can’t know their thoughts, hearts, experiences or ideas.  I can mull their words over, take the parts that work and let the rest go. You may be overlooking some kinks you need to work out that an objective party sees clearly.  Set pride aside, work them out and keep moving forward!!

I firmly believe people’s ideas are worth valuing; I understand that’s not always an easy concept.

Jon wrote a cool piece called “The Vanilla Trap” (, in which he says,

“The Vanilla Trap is that voice inside you that argues that unless everyone is for your dream, it’s the wrong dream. Unless you have 100% consensus from 100% of the people in your life, you haven’t found the right pursuit. In that moment, realizing that there are some people who don’t ‘get your dream’ or worse, ‘don’t like your dream,’ you decide that the only way to get everyone on board is to whittle away the edges.”

Eek! It’s awkward. It’s uncomfortable. Some days, it’s downright depressing because, often, the darkest negativity will come from a place you least expected. Peer pressure is a beast!

But, you know what?

Jon also says, “We don’t need safe dreams. We need your dream. Danger and all.”

I highly recommend checking out his site, and signing up for his terrific newsletter!


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