One Bus I Wish I’d Missed Entirely

“But what about people that eat like this everyday and don’t realize that the sluggish gross feeling doesn’t have to be there? What about those of you reading this that do this and feel bad thinking you are the only one?”

I woke up today feeling like I’d been run over by a bus. I’m not sick, and I’ve been quarantined for an entire week (I’m about to go get Colton from school, and I’m pretty sure that’s the same thing as going to Disney Land). I started thinking about what could be going on. I didn’t take anything to make me drowsy, I didn’t drink and I wasn’t up ridiculously late last night.

I am too foggy to do schoolwork, and I really just want to crawl back in bed.

Then I remembered…McDonald’s. I finally got my fry fix yesterday after a few weeks of abstaining from fast food…and then I might have made cookies afterwards. And then I might have eaten said cookies. I immediately messaged my amazing Crossfit Coach, Angie, and asked if this was the hangover I’d seen her discuss in an earlier post.

Yep. I encourage you to check out her blog!! I’m getting back on the healthy bus, instead of under it. This is for the birds.


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