Dear Officer’s Wife – I See You Too.



Dear Officer’s Wife – I See You Too..


The Story

This was a Facebook post I made on Feb. 27th.  That should explain some of the informal language, odd dates, etc. However, this is not just a story. This is THE story.  I said I’d tell it, and here it is.  I still haven’t gone back to fix grammar or clarification issues. All of this was written in one fell swoop, and as the thoughts occurred to me. I hope it comes across as the amazing reflection of God that I’ve felt it to be.  Our testimony.

First and foremost, all glory to God for the amazing storm in which I’ve sat in the eye. In August of last year, C left for the State Police academy. After a small amount of time, he QUICKLY realized it wasn’t for him and came home. This was after we had spent a year in the hiring process, months trying to redo things in our house (yep, they inspect your whole house when they’re doing the background checks) and getting prepared for him to be gone for 20 weeks. When he came home, it was rough. Like, really rough. It put the biggest strain on our marriage that we’d ever come across! I wrote a blog about the demons that I fought regarding this (they were some big ones), and some people didn’t take it well. That’s ok, but it really put a lot of things in perspective for us and help cement our next decision.

Not only were we crushed that our plans from the past year had fallen apart, suddenly we were left without any income at all on his side. However, at this point, we made one of the biggest leaps of faith we’ve ever made. It was scary and unpredictable. C made the decision not to return to MPD, but to see what else might be available to him. Quite honestly, we both thought it wouldn’t take long, but that wasn’t the case.

In the meantime, when C went to the academy, I gave my boss a heads up at the radio station that I would be going back to school beginning in Spring 2015. My plans were to work at the station and then begin training someone a month or so before I left. I wanted to ensure no one was blindsided an that everything was in proper order beforehand. Unfortunately, what happened was that my boss found someone who was married to one of his motorcycle “club” “brothers” and, instead of waiting, told me I was to train her and leave. I explained that I was the only income right now, and he looked me in the eye and said they needed to do what was in their “best interest.” I was also told I’d get paid for all of my vacation and sick time that I’d accrued. This would prove to be a lie, and after working through the political season (extra hours after closing and unbelievable stress), we would be left pay for vacation time but not my sick time. In other words, we were very, very, very short changed.

Instead of having those several months of income in between, I was forced to leave on November 15th. Terrifying is a loss of income when you’re already living paycheck to paycheck. A nightmare is having no idea how you might be feeding your 4 year old with no income at all. Every plan we had made in the last year for our family, long term, was obliterated. I stood at a loss for words or thoughts or anything and just prayed. We **literally** had no options left but prayer.

So, that’s what we did. C was blessed to find work with someone from our church, and remodeling her bathroom. If you didn’t know, he’s pretty handy when it comes to that sort of thing, and it kept him busy. We are so grateful for that time that kept our lights on, and kept us fed. I’ve expressed numerous times to this individual what a blessing she, and her family, have been to us.

While we waited for *the* call to come, C turned down police jobs. Yep, we prayed for them but we also prayed for the discernment to know God’s will. I know all of that sounds counter-intuitive, but his work wasn’t finished at the remodel and God was supplementing us and meeting our needs so that we could wait on Him. It was still scary, no doubt.

However, in the meantime, C was growing exponentially in his faith. Y’all, this is no joke. Only God could plant something in the desert so that it might flourish…and that’s what happened here. C made the decision to pursue a chaplain’s position with the department in which he landed- and that’s when the doors opened.

At the end of January, I started school and C got the call from a PD that he would accept. He has met some amazing friends there, and we both feel blessed to have had the opportunity to have met everyone in that department as well as the Mayor. What a precious town!! About a week in, we were informed that the insurance would be $1100/month. With the 40+ mile drive and lower pay until July 2015, we could not make that work.

God wasn’t done. We had been waiting for months for a call from the new PD. I have to tell you, this particular department has been one of my favorites since I started Police Wives of Kentucky. These guys have gone above and beyond to help our projects be successful, and have felt like family to me from my first time spending time with them. I love the wives there and the officers. I knew C would, too. However, when he left the KSP academy, they had JUST hired someone to replace one of their guys who had left for it as well. When I say “just”, I mean literally the day before. They’d also sent someone to the academy.

A couple of weeks ago, the individual they sent to the academy was unable to meet all the requirements.

It may have been the exact day we found out about the insurance, I’m not sure, but C got a text from the new PD’s chief asking if he was ready to come to work. It was tough to talk to the current PD and say that he was leaving, but they were so warm about the entire thing. They said they’d hire him back, and he is leaving there with some very solid friendships. What a blessing!!

We’ve basically lived on my student loan money since January. I have some car payments to catch up on, but God’s timing is perfect and now I can rest knowing that He has had it all worked out since the beginning. I’ve had my cancer tests come back funky again, and we’re still waiting on those results. Little C has developed behavioral problems that, I feel, are rooted in the change of routine but he’s working through. Just the little things… the small cracks that make things harder than they have to be. The student loan money will be gone soon, but it’s all going to be ok.

The new PD venture starts on the 9th. It is much closer to home, affordable insurance, unlimited overtime and also a terrific group of officers (and wives!!).

As you can probably imagine, I’ve been stressed to the point of tears for 6 months. Knowing that God had this all orchestrated should have kept me straight but, admittedly, I struggle with the inability to keep control sometimes. I need to plan out what these steps are going to be, and I forget that He has it orchestrated from beginning to end. There is no way all of this would have timed out the way it did without His hand on it, and I cannot give enough praise for our ability to have even survived. We should have lost everything but, instead, we were given so much more. C has made dedications to serve where, a year ago, I’d have never thought he would want to be a chaplain. We’ve become part of the most amazing church, who drove more than 40 miles just to see C swear in for 5 minutes at CPD. The unbelievable support from them has been overwhelming. We may never be able to pay back, financially, for what they gave us but we will serve there until God says to go elsewhere. What seemed like a slow-motion cliff hanging at the time, now seems to have been a whirlwind with no point of rest.

However, I am so grateful. So, beyond words, full of joy and praise for the God who has sustained us. We are so unbelievably blessed, by having been dropped into a situation I’d have never known how to survive on my own.

Yep, that wasn’t really brief at all. If you’re still reading, thank you. If you skipped to the end, that’s fine too. However, I wanted to make sure you were all aware as to what on Earth was taking me so long. If I’ve managed any free time, it’s been spent in a zombie-like state. My house is a wreck, my car is a wreck, my sleep patterns are still nearly nonexistent and I am so ready for stability. I have not felt in the least bit creative, but did not want you to think I’d forgotten any of you. Please forgive me for being so slow.

Thank you for your support. Love each of you. I’ll end up editing the snot out of this but, for now, it’s time to go get my little man.

Stay warm!!


Seriously. Over the snow. We actually got to see our grass yesterday for a minute then… bam. It’s white again.  Not just a little bit, either. Our cat, Peaches, uses the bathroom outside like a dog. I don’t know how we got him to do that, but I’ll probably never own another cat because it’s been super convenient.  He was less than amused with the snow, but came back in and has napped on the couch with his feet in the air ever since.


“You know what this is. I don’t have to say it.”

My LEO has been gone for nearly 30 hours at this point. I hesitantly asked one of the other LEOWs if he could just swing by and get a shower and wash his uniform.  I always feel weird asking for things like that, but it was sort of an emergency at this point. The man needs a clean uniform. She didn’t just say yes; she even offered to let him stay for dinner. I don’t know if I’m going snow-crazy or what, but I just kinda want to cry. He was going to come all the way home for a shower, then drive all the way back tonight (that’s about 2 hours of drive time on a sunny day) to be on duty at 0800. Instead, they’ve adopted him for the evening. I love our police family!! Next week is showing much warmer temperatures. Let’s just hope Mother Nature gets it all out of her system now, so we can start to enjoy spring.  I need some sunshine, and Peaches doesn’t want to wear snow boots.11045571_10100806058534549_209301306_o

Operation Blue Bunny!

It’s the time of year where we start collecting for Operation Blue Bunny with Police Wives of Kentucky!!

We collect Easter eggs (or money for eggs), put together baskets for the kids of LEOs and then stay up **all night** delivering to as many children as possible. If the weather holds out, we actually hide the eggs so the kids wake up to their very own hunt the next day! Last year we hid eggs for more than 30 kids (at 12 eggs each, we were very busy bunnies)!! We also put together special baskets for newborns and older kids get a special treat, too.

We need help this year!! In fact, I hope it’s bigger than ever, as we’d like to expand to surrounding counties!

If you’d like to help us with eggs, please let us know. If you’d like to give monetarily, we’d appreciate that, too. If you have a business that would like to give items (small certificates, etc) that would also be great!! If you have any questions, please e-mail us at Any remaining funds (we had a little left over last year) will be donated to Trooper Island or an equally deserving cause.

It’s a small way of giving back to our Blue Line family, and our way of trying to bless the kids who sacrifice so much as the children of heroes!!

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