Seriously. Over the snow. We actually got to see our grass yesterday for a minute then… bam. It’s white again.  Not just a little bit, either. Our cat, Peaches, uses the bathroom outside like a dog. I don’t know how we got him to do that, but I’ll probably never own another cat because it’s been super convenient.  He was less than amused with the snow, but came back in and has napped on the couch with his feet in the air ever since.


“You know what this is. I don’t have to say it.”

My LEO has been gone for nearly 30 hours at this point. I hesitantly asked one of the other LEOWs if he could just swing by and get a shower and wash his uniform.  I always feel weird asking for things like that, but it was sort of an emergency at this point. The man needs a clean uniform. She didn’t just say yes; she even offered to let him stay for dinner. I don’t know if I’m going snow-crazy or what, but I just kinda want to cry. He was going to come all the way home for a shower, then drive all the way back tonight (that’s about 2 hours of drive time on a sunny day) to be on duty at 0800. Instead, they’ve adopted him for the evening. I love our police family!! Next week is showing much warmer temperatures. Let’s just hope Mother Nature gets it all out of her system now, so we can start to enjoy spring.  I need some sunshine, and Peaches doesn’t want to wear snow boots.11045571_10100806058534549_209301306_o


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