Groundhog Day

Shout out to all the LEOs who go to court (especially on their RDO), and leave shaking their heads at the results. We know you sometimes feel like you’re doing hard work that results in redundancy.

We know you feel like it’s pointless some days.

We know that YOU know you’ll end up dealing with the same offenders, for the same reasons and going through the same process over and over like it’s Groundhog Day.

Please also know that ‪#‎weseeyou‬.

Thank you for what you do, even on the days you feel like it’s an uphill climb. Thank you for not overlooking the victims, because of politics or a frustrating legal system. Most of all, thank you for serving your community without giving up.


Dear In-Service…

…we are not friends. I believe with my whole heart that you are a third-cousin of “Deployment” (with whom I’ve had my own confrontations, as well). While not nearly as long, you do your best to pack everything you can into (at minimum) one solid week. You’re an overachiever, and a jerk. It’s ironic that my husband is away bettering his Kentucky law enforcement career, while you concentrate on practicing Murphy’s law.  “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong” and at the worst possible moment, right? Right.  Someone will get sick, something electronic will go bad, someone will need something only my LEO can provide and cooking for 1.5 people for only one week is awkward (especially when his preferred choices are pizza, mac and cheese or chicken nuggets).

Oh, In-Service.

Did you notice the little boy standing by the window? He doesn’t know how to tell time, yet, but he does know that when the short hand is on one side of the clock and the big hand is at the bottom, daddy normally pulls into the driveway.  When the phone rings, I’ll be undoubtedly putting him in the shower or helping him with school work.  When we try to call daddy back, he will be again invested in you. That’s how you work.

So, while you do your best to make my life chaos, I will try to get little man’s allergies under control.  His TV has broken, so he’s watching Rescue Bots in my room (it’s Bumblebee’s birthday, don’t you know?) and drawing daddy pictures. I don’t know anything about fixing the wheel on my husband’s truck, but it will wait until he’s back and I suppose we can have mac and cheese for dinner tonight.  I’m glad you’re not another year-long trip to Iraq, but you wear me out nonetheless and I will not be sorry to see you go.


One Tired LEOW

The Jesus Juke.

As a Christian, this is so incredibly awkward.  I can only imagine how those outside Christianity feel. I can guarantee it’s not loved or welcome.

The Jesus Juke.

To My Friends Outside My Police Family: This is Why We Can’t Stop Talking About It.

Why we won’t stop talking about it. Also, shout out to my friend Rachael and her picture from the FedEx guy used in this piece.  I know that was an awesome, random bit of encouragement to receive!  Her Southern Charm clothing line is absolutely amazing!

To My Friends Outside My Police Family: This is Why We Can’t Stop Talking About It..

Thought Storms


I don’t know where this originated (I saw it on the Purple Clover Facebook page), but I’m glad to know it isn’t just me.  I think this is why my thoughts are so jumbled, and why it takes me so long to put a post together. I think, also, it’s why I never know what I truly believe about most ideas until I’ve written them down.  Usually, more than once. I tend to over-explain fairly often.

Glad to know I’m not alone!

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