Considering all the craziness we’ve faced this year already, I’m a little excited about the following news.

I just checked my final grades and, very unexpectedly, found I had THREE As and 1 B!!! This was my first semester after a 7 year hiatus, having promised myself I’d return to school someday.  The class I missed by 4 literal points (not average points, a literal 4 points) saw fit to give me an A. I had a lot of outside communication with this instructor regarding nutrition and other questions, and also teamed them up with another department to hopefully begin teaching their courses congruently. It will be VERY beneficial to both departments, and I look forward to hearing about how that works for them.

Additionally, I received an e-mail today from my Sociology instructor inviting me to participate in the National Academic Conference in July. There are only 2 students being chosen to go with their costs covered, and my instructor said she wanted me to be one of them. I am so overwhelmed, as this will be devoted to the topic of community development and agriculture.

Per their website:

The Community Development Society has a history of encouraging community transformation through creativity and imagination. The CDS conference provides an excellent environment for community developers to share experiences, research, and strategies through a vast array of events including preconference workshops, panel sessions, keynote speakers, mobile learning workshops, poster sessions, networking receptions and presentations. Elements of creative expression will be infused throughout the 2015 CDS conference to highlight the conference theme.

Whether or not it works out, I’m so overwhelmed and grateful to have been considered. I do hope to attend, and am looking forward to the Fall semester!


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