Y’all, this is no lie. Little man and I woke up very late this morning, and I was convinced we wouldn’t make it to church. I washed my hair, and had 10 minutes to get us out the door. He’d already crawled back in bed. There was 0 motivation, and I firmly believe I was subconsciously sabotaging myself. I even sent a text to my mom saying we’d not make it.

It actually started last night.

I didn’t feel like it…last night.

Who does that?

These are the mornings, I find, I have the most to gain from going. So, we went!

You’ll notice I did not say anything about drying my hair. I went to church…with my hair wet. You know what? It was a fantastic message. It set the tone for my whole week. I was the crazy, wet haired, singing/clapping lady sitting in front of people I’d never seen before (and, yes, I talked to them, too). Luckily, none of it was new to Jesus.

Satan is the accuser. He’s there to destroy and cause confusion. He’s also a discourager. Some days it takes honest effort to put myself in the car and go. I don’t believe that’s a coincidence. I get out of it what I put into it, no doubt, but I’ll not get anything at all if I am unwilling to move.

I have an amazing church family that loves (tolerates?) me and hugs me, wet hair and all. Also, I enjoy the feeling of overcoming that discouragement.

And, now, my boys have no idea what they’re in for, as we will be spending the night as a family. Not in separate rooms. Not on our individual devices.

Pray for them, though. I’ve offered to cook.


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  1. Ava
    May 31, 2015 @ 16:09:26

    Good for you for making yourself go, ready or not. I think you hit the nail on the head with your analogy about sometimes deciding what you are or are not going to do ahead of time. I’ve done that and it usually results in me being sorry that I talked myself into those decisions ahead of time.


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