Hero Necklaces

I’ve been working very hard on my new Hero necklaces from The Siren. Police, Fire, Dispatch, Paramedics, Nurses and K9 are all included in the line. It has been so much fun!! My LEO has been especially patient with the noise from the stamping, and has even helped out with assembly.  I’m grateful.  Yesterday, I worked on them while listening to the Contemporary Christian station on Pandora. It was like I spent the day with a close friend. Today I wrapped up nearly 20. Here’s a look at a few of them.  These help support the PWoK mission and are helping to make my car payment today. God provides.

The fire necklace shown here was a challenge, but so much fun. There are not one, not two…but 6 firefighters in this family. SIX! So, we put the 4 kids on one and mom/dad on the heart behind them. I am very, very excited for her to receive this one!!fireneck

The bead on the EMS necklace is impossible to catch in a photo. It’s a gorgeous holographic looking (my husband described it as “opal-ish”) pendant that I put together by hand. It’s beautiful, but I’m a bit partial!paraneck

Don’t overlook the thin gold line beads on the dispatch necklace. smile emoticon I am still so in love with these wings!!dispatchneck

You can get yours at http://www.thesiren.storenvy.com. Shipping is free, and I have special deals for 2+ ordered at the same time!



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