Today my LEO had a rough day. Not just the normal sporadic, full moon, “need a minute” rough day. It was the kind where his (awesome) dispatch Facebook messaged me and gave me a heads up before he got home. I stopped at Sonic and got him a milkshake before meeting him at the house.

Now, he is in our 4 year old son’s room and I heard him say “I need red.” They’re coloring in a giant Paw Patrol coloring book, while watching the Muppets’ movie.

Isn’t it amazing how, less than 12 hours ago, he went 10-8 and made himself responsible for the worlds with which he’d come in contact? In his 8 hours on duty, lives changed and he was the one people looked to for help. Around their dinner table, he’ll be “some cop” who did something that affected their day. He was the good guy and, to a few, he was a perceived antagonist. Tomorrow, he will do it again. He may even turn the tables, and be a hero to those who saw him as something else today. He won’t hesitate to do the right thing, keep them safe as best he can and uphold the law.

Then, God willing, he will come home and just be “daddy.”


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