An Open Letter to WPSD-TV


It’s been a while since my last open letter to you. Not much has changed. While I continue to spend my days supporting law enforcement and their families, you continue to spend yours being a detriment to officers and agencies doing their jobs.

Today, though, you reached a new low. As pictured, you posted a long-winded diatribe regarding a Supreme Court ruling from February of 2014 (representing it as current news). Obviously, someone responsible for posting on your page scrolled through their news feed this morning, and probably dumped their Cheerios when they saw this headline:


Assuredly, that’s what happened. This MUST be an example of hair-trigger sharing reflexes, because I would hope you wouldn’t normally get your news from a website called COUNTERCURRENTNEWS.COM. Right? Surely you’ve got better sources than a website that clearly states in their disclaimer, “We are not responsible for any inaccuracies if they are not reported to us.”

Also, the whole disclaimer thing in itself should probably serve as a red flag.

“Holy mother of pearl! We must reach this to the masses!” your social media superstar thought. Right away, they clicked the share button, but not before ensuring they poured a little gasoline on the fire.

You’re not one to post such things without incendiary commentary, are you? Why do you want to keep people afraid? Comments erupted from the usuals, decrying their decaying freedom and backhandedly warning the police that there will be “problems” if such measures are taken in their homes. All the while improving your reach to your Facebook following by improving your place in the algorithm (hello, interaction!).

In 2015, we have lost 54 officers. 16 of these, alone, were in May. Here is a breakdown:

9/11 related illness: 2
Accidental: 1
Assault: 1
Automobile accident: 15
Gunfire: 14
Gunfire (Accidental): 2
Heart attack: 11
Motorcycle accident: 1
Struck by vehicle: 3
Vehicle pursuit: 2
Vehicular assault: 2

TWO of these officers have died in Kentucky, ONE was in Illinois and ONE was in Tennessee.

We’ve also had 10 K9 officer deaths:

Animal related: 1
Automobile accident: 1
Drowned: 1
Fire: 1
Gunfire: 2
Heat exhaustion: 2
Poisoned: 1
Struck by vehicle: 1

Where is your outrage for these tragedies?

We don’t need your help inciting hate against our law enforcement. Our heroes are facing enough danger without your white-noise, lap-dog, click-bait-begging nonsense.

I agree there needs to be accountability, but I also believe our media needs to share a HUGE piece of that pie. Until the day you begin reporting the actual news, without inflection of hate or bias money-grabbing motives, you have lost all credibility as a news source.

What else are you misrepresenting?

However, until that day comes (and long after), be advised that my husband (and many like him) will continue to serve their communities. Even if you sign your name to an article clearly stating you do not support our LEOs, they will still answer your calls when you’re needing help.

That’s because they have something you clearly lack- integrity.

Once again, if the problem lies in an inability to find positive news stories regarding our law enforcement, I invite you to contact me. I’m more than happy to show you all the good they’re doing (especially in our local area).



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