Not About the Criminal

Confession: I’m having a hard time being a mirror of peace and patience today. My insides are on fire, and all I want to do is scream.

Selfishly, it’s getting difficult to let my husband leave each morning. Sometimes I don’t want to share him with this world. Nights like last night’s shooting in Texas make me a hesitant to believe people are worth it, to be honest. He has a son missing him right now that is way more deserving of his time than the drug dealing crackhead who wants to argue about his rights under free market capitalism…or…whatever.

Then, I remember, his job is not about the criminal.

It’s about the little boy in his room who can’t play outside because of that same drug dealer. It’s about the tired mom who might not have made it home to her family after getting off the midnight shift, if the officer she passed doing the field sobriety test hadn’t caught the drunk driver who could have hit her. Sometimes, it’s about speeding tickets and seat belts, because that’s the law and they’re there to enforce it. However, if you ask them, they’ll tell you it’s about community policing, comforting people on their worst days and being an angel to average people who have just had their world turned upside down.

That’s why he goes to work. While there seems to be a never-ending supply of bad people making horrible decisions, there is also a never-ending supply of victims affected by them.

Today, I praise God for His continuing gift of courageous heroes, and I thank our amazing officers for selflessly, and boldly, answering every call for service.


Case of the Mondays?

I spoke with someone today, in a government office, who was (initially) rather curt and cold. I’ve got a gift for getting people to talk and, after mentioning some issues we are facing, she said, “My husband just lost his job of 13 years because he had a disease that mimicked cancer.” She alluded that they are struggling financially, and that things have been really challenging. He’s healthy now, but they’re still missing that part of their income. Minutes later my phone disconnected, but I had a chance to tell her I was going to pray for her.

I told a friend this morning, it would have been so easy to just think, “This lady is hateful and doesn’t like Mondays,” but she just has a lot on her shoulders! I don’t think she was supposed to engage in conversation, but I ask that you join me in praying for her. I don’t even know her name, but God does.

If you choose to accept it…

God gave me a mission. You have one, too. There is so much need and hurt in the world, we truly have no time to spend worrying about how others are meeting it or what they think of how we’re doing it.

Starting today, I’m determined to surround myself with encouraging, positive, mission-driven people and to cut out the rest from my inner circle. I need that energy for big things. I keep wondering why I don’t get everything done. There’s the answer.

Everyone in this entire world is facing some sort of battle and needs something. That something will never, ever be rooted in resentment, malevolence, rancorous words or acrimonious slurs. Ever. E-v-e-r.

It’s all about serving others and loving them where they are. That’s where I’m headed.11911178_10100959413350269_1161653822_n


I drive people crazy with my posts about my LEO’s successes. I cheer him on at home, too. One day, he switched out the front door screen with the one in the back door (it was in better shape). You’d have thought he climbed Mt. Everest. He might have bent the frame but, by golly, it looked great to me!

It hasn’t always been that way. I am not always the best about telling him how much I appreciate what he does (beyond the badge). I am guilty of letting loose of emotions on such a level the world probably quaked a little. I spend a lot of time counseling wives and encouraging from the sidelines, and sometimes I let that slide. I’m so incredibly faulted, and human.

One day he left me a small note saying he appreciated my cleaning out the kitchen closet, and how happy it made him to see it straightened up. Granted, it just needed to be done. That day, though, I could have cleaned out another closet from his encouragement (thank goodness we only have one kitchen closet ).

But this is big, and I want to pursue it even more. The Bible tells us, in Matthew 7:12, to think about what we want others to do for us, then to take initiative and do it for them! Who can’t use a little encouragement?

Be silly. Be too much. Most of all, be each others biggest fan. How much do you cheer for your sports team? Cheer twice as much for your spouse team.

Everyone Stands at the Crossroads at Some Point in Their Life

Another great post from Capt. Jude of KSP.

The Self Expression & Thoughts of David P. Jude


I recently found myself deep in thought while mowing the lawn on my riding mower.  Headphones on and radio blasting, being on that loud, noisy machine allows me to escape into the comforts of my personal space.  I’m not sure I can write about all the things I’ve thought about during those hours… but I can tell you it sure seems I can solve all the worlds problems in one cut of the yard!

One particular day, I was streaming Pandora’s Acoustic Blues Radio.  This particular station is a refreshing alternative to the everyday mix of music I listen to.  I find it amazing that these songs have stood the test of time, the lyrics seem as real today as when they were written (many of these were written in the 1930’s and 40’s).  I have always loved the sound of a blues guitar no matter if it’s an old…

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So much weight this week. So many big things we’ve had on our plates, people hurting and lives seemingly out of control. I think that’s everyone’s story, and it’s only Wednesday.

I finally took it out in the driveway and had a long talk. It was beautiful. I am so blessed to serve a God who knows me intimately; every thought, move, motivation, mistake, idea, ideal, face-palm, disappointment, heartbreak, win, loss, concern, question, crack, bump, bruise, justice, injustice, misstep, complete belly flop, rebellion, redemption, leap of faith and everything else that makes up who I am…superficially.

Knowing all these things, I can sit freely in the gravel and cry. I can undeservedly worship, confess, and see the gorgeous night He orchestrated. I can pray for my amazing family, for myself, for friends and for people I don’t even know (or know anymore). I can lay it all down, let it all go and look forward to the new day He has made with so much Hope.

I can remember that I’m really none of those things listed above, good or bad (regardless of fact or perception), and no matter what label the world gives me or I give myself, only one title matters:

I’m a daughter of the One True King.

And, now, maybe I can sleep.

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