So much weight this week. So many big things we’ve had on our plates, people hurting and lives seemingly out of control. I think that’s everyone’s story, and it’s only Wednesday.

I finally took it out in the driveway and had a long talk. It was beautiful. I am so blessed to serve a God who knows me intimately; every thought, move, motivation, mistake, idea, ideal, face-palm, disappointment, heartbreak, win, loss, concern, question, crack, bump, bruise, justice, injustice, misstep, complete belly flop, rebellion, redemption, leap of faith and everything else that makes up who I am…superficially.

Knowing all these things, I can sit freely in the gravel and cry. I can undeservedly worship, confess, and see the gorgeous night He orchestrated. I can pray for my amazing family, for myself, for friends and for people I don’t even know (or know anymore). I can lay it all down, let it all go and look forward to the new day He has made with so much Hope.

I can remember that I’m really none of those things listed above, good or bad (regardless of fact or perception), and no matter what label the world gives me or I give myself, only one title matters:

I’m a daughter of the One True King.

And, now, maybe I can sleep.


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