I drive people crazy with my posts about my LEO’s successes. I cheer him on at home, too. One day, he switched out the front door screen with the one in the back door (it was in better shape). You’d have thought he climbed Mt. Everest. He might have bent the frame but, by golly, it looked great to me!

It hasn’t always been that way. I am not always the best about telling him how much I appreciate what he does (beyond the badge). I am guilty of letting loose of emotions on such a level the world probably quaked a little. I spend a lot of time counseling wives and encouraging from the sidelines, and sometimes I let that slide. I’m so incredibly faulted, and human.

One day he left me a small note saying he appreciated my cleaning out the kitchen closet, and how happy it made him to see it straightened up. Granted, it just needed to be done. That day, though, I could have cleaned out another closet from his encouragement (thank goodness we only have one kitchen closet ).

But this is big, and I want to pursue it even more. The Bible tells us, in Matthew 7:12, to think about what we want others to do for us, then to take initiative and do it for them! Who can’t use a little encouragement?

Be silly. Be too much. Most of all, be each others biggest fan. How much do you cheer for your sports team? Cheer twice as much for your spouse team.


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