Not About the Criminal

Confession: I’m having a hard time being a mirror of peace and patience today. My insides are on fire, and all I want to do is scream.

Selfishly, it’s getting difficult to let my husband leave each morning. Sometimes I don’t want to share him with this world. Nights like last night’s shooting in Texas make me a hesitant to believe people are worth it, to be honest. He has a son missing him right now that is way more deserving of his time than the drug dealing crackhead who wants to argue about his rights under free market capitalism…or…whatever.

Then, I remember, his job is not about the criminal.

It’s about the little boy in his room who can’t play outside because of that same drug dealer. It’s about the tired mom who might not have made it home to her family after getting off the midnight shift, if the officer she passed doing the field sobriety test hadn’t caught the drunk driver who could have hit her. Sometimes, it’s about speeding tickets and seat belts, because that’s the law and they’re there to enforce it. However, if you ask them, they’ll tell you it’s about community policing, comforting people on their worst days and being an angel to average people who have just had their world turned upside down.

That’s why he goes to work. While there seems to be a never-ending supply of bad people making horrible decisions, there is also a never-ending supply of victims affected by them.

Today, I praise God for His continuing gift of courageous heroes, and I thank our amazing officers for selflessly, and boldly, answering every call for service.


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  1. Ava
    Aug 29, 2015 @ 14:41:45

    Very heartfelt and well-written blog entry. Every word is true. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your LEO husband. God bless them all in the line of duty.


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