I want to take a minute to thank someone you don’t see me thank enough. I am very aware of how much I post about him on Police Wives of Kentucky, because I want to ensure we focus on as many officers as we can. He, however, is my greatest hero. I am his #1 fan.

My husband and I have been married for 10 whole years this year. We were married at 19, after knowing each other a month. In our 10 years, we’ve seen a deployment to Iraq, lots of Army training, the birth of our son, the beginning of his career as an officer, 10 birthdays each, 5 birthdays for little man and a whole lot of ups and downs.

In fact, God is due all the glory for the state of our marriage. He was present all 10 years, and He has given us a testimony. He is so good.

Here’s something you might not know:

My LEO has superpowers. Real ones. He has saved lives. One time, he rescued a lady from herself and she later went on to center her life with Christ. He had the chance to hear from her later, where she would have otherwise not been heard from at all. Another time, a man with alzheimers had no groceries, at all, in his kitchen and my superhero fed that man. Not just one meal. He used his own money to stock his cabinets with a few necessary staples (I can tell you he had very little to spend, because we’ve always managed on a restricted budget). You see, he has the power to sustain life. He’s stopped drunk drivers from potentially killing someone close to you, taken drugs off the streets, ensured children were safe, prayed with people who felt no hope, fed the hungry, rescued domestic victims, solved crimes that meant nothing to anyone else (but to the victim meant the world), seen horrific scenes and (sometimes the most challenging) directed traffic. He’s lead the funerals, eaten half a lunch, missed holidays, missed birthdays, missed ultrasounds, missed special events and missed his family on more than one occasion.

All of these things are really special, but they’re not the most impressive of his superpowers. He does something that amazes me, still, after 10 years. Even if he works a horrible accident, is cussed at, attacked, provoked, is involved in a chase, sees violence that most people only witness in movies and has the most mentally taxing day ever…

He comes home to be Chris. Suddenly this badge wearing, vest trusting, big, strong Police Officer that so many call “sir”… is “daddy.” He works on kindergarten homework, wrestles, fixes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, helps mama with projects, works outside, finds time to hug his wife, trains the little hero following in his footsteps, gives goodnight kisses and never goes without being the one to tuck little man in bed. He keeps an eye on his phone for signs that he might need to go 10-8 but, when he’s here, he’s here.

Many LEOWs could read that fourth paragraph and think I was describing their husband on some level. Our stories are often similar. It’s true, but…

This is my police officer. There are many like him, but this one is mine. His life matters, because he would give it for yours. Because he’s “daddy.” Because he wakes up every morning ready to be a superhero.

I’m so grateful for his sacrifices, not just on National Thank a Police Officer Day but every day.


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