In my quest to find out who, exactly, Jerry Hall is (as she’s trending for her engagement to Rupert Murdoch), I found myself watching an episode of David Letterman from 1989 and, subsequently, 1989 commercials.

While I believe I’ve got Jerry Hall figured out, here are a few notes I took about life when I was 3 (from a very small sampling of additional commercials and this ONE episode of Letterman):

-Norm Abram was a legit celebrity. If you ask my dad, he still is.
-Cocaine specific commercials were as commonplace as the marijuana commercials we see today.
-Declaring a city as “nuclear free” was newsworthy.
-Almost every ad had that 80’s glow around it.
-The word “sensible” in advertisements
-6 packs of soda = $.59
-Sealy Mattress= $300-$800 depending on where you buy it.
-You don’t see as many department store ads anymore. Thanks, Walmart.
– I was very surprised at the lack of cosmetic commercials.
-Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
-Food ads. So. Many. Food. Ads. (specifically junk food, and how they’re really healthy for you)
-Bill Cosby
-Hardees commercials were about food, and not sex appeal.
-Not McDonald’s. There was no mention of food on the commercials, but focused on their characters and toys.
-Robocop’s gun had caps, and you assembled it all (including the car) yourself..
-Disney Double- A VHS and Chip or Dale stuffed toy- $2.99
-What ever happened to cereal sweepstakes?!
-Ford Ranger- advertised to be (new) $6,766
-Join the US Armed Forces to get high tech training (also, as a whole, rather than individualized branch ads)
-Kid mullets on Hot Wheels Commercials
– “I am Batman”
-Bottled water. I was a little surprised to see bottled water in 1989. It wasn’t individual bottles but, rather, the kind you see in the fountains at offices.
-Show hosts actually hosted. Now, it seems, the guests dictate the direction of the interview. That wasn’t the case here. Letterman would cut guests off in the middle of a story, and they wouldn’t finish it when they came back. I won’t touch on my thoughts about the ratio between that happening with female vs. male guests. I’ll leave that alone for now. However, I felt there was a stark difference (maybe it was just the specific guests).

Well, that’s all. I have a sudden craving for Hi-C and Poptarts. Gonna go add some volume to my hair, and dig out my brightest lipstick.


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