5 Minutes to Change the World

Do you know why the world stops and stares when people are unexpectedly loving and forgiving, but doesn’t bat an eye when we see hate on the news? Doesn’t that scream something about our culture?

Please- take 5 minutes today to do something for someone that doesn’t benefit you. A small random act, even if it’s just holding a door for someone and smiling. Pray with someone if they’re hurting. Pray for them, even if you’re sitting in your car and they have no idea you’re there.

I PROMISE you’ll be blessed. I promise.

Then, don’t post about it on Facebook or brag. Take it to Jesus and say, “Thank you for the opportunity to serve in a world that desperately needs to see You.” Let Him keep score.

Do it every day until it’s habit, and you don’t even think about it anymore. It doesn’t have to cost a dime. Seek out ways to do good. They’re limitless.


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