He May

Today, there is a police officer who went in service.
He will likely pull someone over for speeding, cite someone for a seat belt not worn, help change a flat tire, visit a school to read to children or answer a call for service by someone needing to report a stolen dog.
He may comfort a son who has watched the last moments of his mama due to a heart attack, work a car accident wherein injuries were sustained by someone going to work, breathe life into a man who was no longer breathing on his own because he didn’t want to face another day of not making ends meet, arrest someone for possession of stolen prescriptions he took from his grandmother’s cabinet, be met at the door by a little girl at a suspected meth lab (and be able to tell the suspicions were well founded by the smell when the door is opened) or be in the right place to intercede in a tense moment between a married couple arguing about a wayward text message in a parking lot.
He may see shots fired at him for being behind a badge, sit with a driver who can’t be pulled from burning wreckage, be the first to discover the remains of a daughter who had her last round with a heroin addiction, be the answer to prayer when someone hears their back door being kicked down, see a child delivered into the arms of a social worker because she came to school with lacerations from daddy’s last drunken rage or be part of a team working to see a family let go safely from their own home when they were taken hostage.
But before he left today, that same officer helped find tiny socks. He tied the shoes of his 5 year old, gave hugs to his family, made a mental grocery list and loaded that same child onto a school bus. He carefully pulled out of his driveway towards whatever unknown hell awaited him. In the back of his mind are bills due, an upcoming dentist appointment, paperwork needed at the office, court dates and how to creatively make ends meet while his salary is less than $15 an hour.
Today he will go and be involved in numerous moments of life change, while leaving his own behind. Every instance in which he is involved with a citizen, from a ticket to a news worthy event, will be discussed by those affected for years to come.
Tonight, God willing, he’ll return to be father and husband.
Tomorrow, he’ll be thankful to wake up and do it all again.
BG 2016
To our LEOs:
Thank you for your service and sacrifices. The world will thankfully never know what sort of chaos you keep at bay. We are grateful.

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