Dirty Ferraris, a Siren and a Cat in a Bathtub

It all makes sense, I promise.  

No, I didn’t win a Ferrari.  I’ve been down since about 4am Monday morning with that stomach bug plaguing the country.  I read somewhere it has been labeled the “Ferrari of Viruses.” I can’t remember why, but I’m pretty sure it’s the closest I’ll ever get to being related to anything with the word Ferrari, so I’ll take it.  I lost a total of, like, 5 lbs and haven’t been to a WOD since last Friday.  Wishing I could head over to Crossfit tonight, but I’m still kinda weak.  I did  return to work today, which has proven to be a workout in itself.  Getting caught up on 4 days worth of stuff is enough to make anyone wanna go back to bed.

I’m pretty darn excited, though.  I finally got the guts to take one of my passions and make it official(ly taxable)!! I’ve been redoing some furniture for fun and throwing it on Facebook, and buying/selling furniture for some extra cash.  However, I’ve been feeling a new calling that I’d never seen coming until recently.  My business is called The Siren (get it? Police? Siren? Yeah? No? Whatever…just pretend), and I feel like I’m meant to make it even bigger than it has been.  How? No idea.  When? No clue.  All I know is the Commonwealth and IRS now recognize it as taxable, and I’d sure hate to let down Uncle Sam.  So, I’ll be praying about some way to afford a lot more stock and more time to invest in it.  I also feel I should donate 10% of all sales to a police related organization (because…”Siren”…never mind). All this time off on the couch has given me a lot of time to invest in reading up on business tax laws, research wholesale companies and get some things organized. You can find it here.

Which leads me to cats in bathtubs. That’s how I feel right now.  Completely out of place.  I went today at lunch and sat in a Church of Christ parking lot for about 30 minutes.  I’d originally told my LEO to meet me there, and he got a weird call that took him away.  I didn’t really have time to tell him all the things I’d wanted to.  Suddenly, I realized where I was and that perhaps God was clearing my schedule.  So I vented a lot and cried a little. 

Our sermon last Sunday was a great reminder that we can “think” what we want and “pray” something else- but God knows our hearts.  No matter what pretty prayer we piece together, it doesn’t really fool the interpreter, thereof.  I’m reminded of the people wandering behind Moses.  Those guys did NOT mind griping at all and, eventually, it wore on some nerves.  However, what if they hadn’t? What if they’d half-heartedly praised God and, yet, inside felt the disappointment and disdain their short-sighted human minds could only perceive?  Would God have been fooled? Really? Um…I’m going with no.  To me, that’s a blessing.  I don’t have to be fake with God. Can you imagine being obligated to say the right thing to a God who only knew what you told Him? I have enough trouble communicating to my husband what I want, sometimes. Trying to explain to God these life changing needs and wants would be a complete catastrophe.  So, knowing he could interpret my words better than I could speak him, I told him exactly what I was thinking. I whined and told him I needed him to help me out.  

We’ll see.  Still praying for my own cruiser and to see my Siren business lifted off the ground, but well aware that I’m blessed where I am.  What I need is a compass.  No, let’s be honest.  What need is a bright, blinking neon sign.  I mean, He’s done burning bushes before, right? I’m cool with that.  

Just- something.  Would appreciate a prayer for patience, diligence, discernment and…did I mention patience? Yeah. Some of that.



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